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December 12, 2012


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Triton: As for saving Atlantica, I declare you guys Junior Heroes and may be allowed to come back.

Sora: WHAT!? Junior heroes! Are you kidding me!?

Sara: Just be happy what you have.

Triton: Thank for defeating that sea bitch.

Tiff: I didn't even know you dated that sea witch.

Triton: Yes that's how the whole revenge started. Anyways! Here's the triton! You may only borrow it to lock the keyhole. Go ahead and save us.

Vince: we can't keep it forever?

Triton: No.

Vince: ... Can my award be marrying your daughter?

Triton: No.

Vince: Okay ;-;


Ariel: *at secret place with others* *puts triton at where keyhole is as light appears*

Everyone: :iconwhutplz:

Sora: *locks the keyhole* Boom shacka lacka!

Ariel: So... Is it true? You're from another world?

Sora: ... Maybe...

Ariel: it's okay! I dig people like that! Besides, I already know in a year I'll be at the other world with legs!

Sebastion: Ariel! Do you really have to give spoilers!? And I'll make sure the spoiler never comes true! You're a mermaid and-

Anti-Normals: :icondarkrageplz:

Sebastion: ;-; nevermind.

Goofy: *farts out bubbles* I farted and it's funny.


Anti-Normals: *on gummi as normal self again as sing* Just dance! Gonna be okay! Gotta doo doo! Just dance! *dancing* Wish I could shut my playboy mouth.

Sora: Hey guys.

Anti-Normals: Huh?

Sora: I found these angry Pirahnas! *holds up water bags of pirahnas*

Tiff: Oh. I found them at some other section of ocean. Here *takes and throws it out window as it lands in Atlantica, pirahnas swim in Atlantica to eat everyone*

Mermen\mermaids of Atlantica: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

Perverted mermen: X_X

Megan: >D that's what bitches get for trying to get me laid!

Sora: *puts Tiff on lap* And Tiff and I decided to date!

Tiff: Hell yeah. Sora. Do something for me.

Sora: What?

Tiff: Kiss Vince.

Sora: OKAY 8D

Vince: O_O What!? No!

Sora: *kisses Vince*

Vince: ... I'm going to go puke now *goes to pretend to throw up because secretly liked it*

Sara: *drinks Sun Drop drink*

Sora: what's that?

Sara; You don't remember, idiot? Sun drop! *hands* drink it and you'll know.

Sora: *gets up, takes, and drinks* O.O 83 mmm mmm mmm. :iconsexydanceplz: *dances to Drop It Like It's Hot music*


Guy: *driving car*

Sora: :iconsexydanceplz: 8D

Guy: ... That's the whittest white guy ever.


Sora: *dances at beach* :iconsexydanceplz: 8D


Two old men: *fishing*

Sora: *dancing on boat* :iconsexydanceplz: 83


Sora: *dancing with drink at party* :iconsexydanceplz:  83

Girl: Oooh! That's how you drop it!

Sora: :iconsexydanceplz: 83


*music ends*

Sora: :iconsexydanceplz:

Sara: Sora... Song's over.

Tiff: ... Give me the damn drink *drinks one* 83 Delicious! :iconsexydanceplz: **dances to drop it booty music (one with white guy dancing to the Sun Drop)*


Tiff: *dances at skatepark* :iconsexydanceplz:


Tiff: :iconsexydanceplz: *dances at beach*


Tiff: :iconsexydanceplz:

Guy: So that's how u drop it O.O

Tiff: :iconsexydanceplz:


Tiff and Sora: :iconsexydanceplz: *stop and kiss*

Sara: Haha funny.

Donald: Look! A world! *points*

Goofy: Let's land!

Sora: It says... Where's their sun? Their world doesn't have a sun.

Megan: Halloween Town! 8D I love Halloween!

Tiff: Do they have sun drop?

*episode ends*
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Ask--Sakura Dec 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist

-would be waiting with shot gun but had ran out to kick Cupid ass- xD
LOL ikr!? XD I died laughing when I connected the HT no sun with Sun Drops XD
Ask--Sakura Dec 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
XDDD LOLOLOLOLOL but still ewe -waits with shot gun- ........... -almost get shot by love arrow- fuuuuck! -runs for life- ewe kukuku Cupid remains for fickle stein on its WAAY~~!
O_O oh shit! *runs with*
Ask--Sakura Dec 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
8D OMG THIS IS FUN! -takes out gun and shoots at Cupid- EAT BULLETS YOU MORBIDLY OBESE BABY!
Cupid: *dodging as keeps chasing* XDDD
Shit! *running*
Ask--Sakura Dec 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
-gummi ship crash lands on Cupid-

:iconohfuckplz: OH SHIT! There goes the Cupid remains for Ficklestein.
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